Bio Computing

Our brain plugged into the bio-web, accessing the higher intelligence of our super-computer

For many centuries, but probably from the appearance on earth, people wondered - is it possible to change the past and there was a way to penetrate the secret veil of the future. Just live here and now humanity is not enough. Years of work by Russian scientists who have expanded itself to the narrow confines of traditional science, show - past and future exist in the present, and time - is not just a ticking clock hands The orderly. Feeling fine line between science, religion and mysticism, scientists ISRICA opened the door to humanity in a world of harmony, physical and spiritual health.

I want to talk about what 'Kozyrev mirrors' and some experiments with them, conducted in the 90s in the far north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and in other geographical locations. Kozyrev mirrors - in fact, it is of special shielding devices aluminum alloy, first appeared in Dixon in 1989. You can call them 'trap' for the flows of energy and time, generated by man. Test in Kozyrev mirrors is in a special area, opening the way to the macro-and microcosm, rising on a new path to self-knowledge. On this path of self-knowledge space under the northern lights and solar winds up and our future ISRICA (organizational Institute took shape only in 1994).

Research using 'Kozyrev mirrors' were launched in the town of Dixon, Krasnoyarsk Territory in 1990. Their goal was to evaluate the hypothesis of Astrophysics of Kozyrev that above 73 degrees north latitude changes direction 'of time' and open access to information from the future.
 The fact is that in future there Kozyrev in the present. The researchers had experimentally difficult to deal with this theoretical assumption. In 1991 and 1993, there were two Global Experiments - 'Arctic Circle' and 'Banner of Peace', which in groups receiving together more than 4500 people located in various locations around the globe. The group of 'transfer' was small and consisted of 5-7 people working in 'Kozyrev mirrors', sealing the energy-time testers and opening their minds to access any point on the Earth.

5 minutes before the start of each of the 10 communication sessions the computer randomly chose the 03/05 symbols of the 77 available in the database. These symbols relate with different cultural epochs, and made the transfer program, which, naturally, was not known in advance of the host side. The experimental conditions were the classical scheme of a random sample whose distribution is described by the hyper geometric law. With the use of different methods of analysis of variance and a program developed by the language of "Clipper 5.0", was treated with all the extensive database and mathematically proved that regardless of the distance between points of transmission and reception of information, under certain conditions, it is perceived, not guessed.

Thus, even 20 years ago has been scientifically designated the new reality of our lives we live not only in the usual 3 or 4-dimensional space (Minkowski-Einstein), but also in the energy space-time Kozyrev, in space, which not limited with     light speed. Many of the symbols were adopted by   parties of experiments a few hours before their computer generation in "mirrors", which are located in the high zone of the paradoxical course of time. A fragment of this research was repeated in July 1994, during a meeting with Jupiter Comet Shoemaker-Levy. Then it was shown that the phenomenon of 'lead time' in transpersonal psychology is сosmo planetary phenomenon, paired with various events in the near space, such as the passage of comets near the Earth, solar eclipses, etc., and our consciousness - is, in fact, the cosmic consciousness of mankind, large or small groups of his, in this aspect is almost unexplored by modern science.

In the early 90s we have carried out another project on the study of distant-information interactions between people (we do not use an unscientific term "telepathy") has been stretched "space-Kozyrev" bridge between Belgrade and Novosibirsk, between the "Sava Center" in Belgrade and the hall of ancient art in the Novosibirsk Art Gallery. About a thousand people of faith, learning about the blessings of this experiment Patriarch of Serbia, His Eminence Paul had the opportunity on January 19, the Day of the Epiphany to be implicated with the highest energies of grace.

After mathematical treatment of all protocols receive information of participants was shown the image of George - George, iconic version of which is "broadcast" from Novosibirsk and was reflected in the collective consciousness of the participants in the Belgrade scientific and spiritual research.
The last 10 years of the last millennium was marked by a series of avant-garde scientific works in the unknown, to the horizon is not very fond of walking the representatives of rigorous academic research, but adoring criticize such attempts by other scientists. In this series of breakthrough discoveries can be called "mirror" the projects "Stounhedzh - Novosibirsk", "Martinique - Novosibirsk" and "India - Novosibirsk", the results of which confirmed the possibility of "entering" through the "mirror Kozyrev" in paleo-psycho logistic horizons of the information field of the planet.

We work in a mirrored space Kozyrev, with sealed-time flow of energy, sources of which are researchers - volunteers, those flows which are usually scattered in space but in our mirrors, meeting with the screening material, they gradually concentrated around the source and like are sealed. Kozyrev had left scientific covenant: if the lab can compress the energy-time, then this place will gain access to anywhere in the universe. Experiments 90s showed that it is impossible to get the above results without Kozyrev mirrors and recent studies have again confirmed this. It is important to say about prospects for these works. Research on Dixon in "Kozyrev mirrors", which allows access to the information field of the Earth to the flows of energy - the time from the future, provide a unique opportunity to researchers to obtain predictive, advance information on many cosmo- earthborn developments in the geopolitical environment, threats to life, public well-being and health. Therefore, the research base for Dixon requires immediate recovery!

In 2010, scientists from the International Institute of Space anthropoecology, the Academic Council which is headed by Academician VP Treasurers and Supervisory Board – G.I. Druzhinin, was made the new avant-garde project "virtual mirror" expedition to the moon, to places that were previously Kozyrev researched by    his telescope to the "trap energy-time". Thanks to Kozyrev mirrors of researchers of new generation of made detailed descriptions of the various lunar objects, largely coinciding with the satellite data recording, unknown until February 2011. The findings were reported in June 2011 in the USA in Boulder, Colorado, at the 30th Conference of Society of SSE.  It is important to continue this project as an international project with the participation of European and American researchers.  Other international projects are also get ready in the field of preventive medicine, and we hope to implement it in the near future in Europe, Germany-based company created and INAKARB in Rolandsek European Centre of cosmo biophysics and preventive medicine. The protocol of intentions on this was signed in July this year. The project will create a unique "ground the ship's health," based on mirror-Kozyrev technology, how a person would returns in that period of his life, when there was no disease (the past and the future - in the present, by Kozyrev). The first "land ships of Health" was established in Krasnoyarsk and Rolandsek (see lab. helio-climatic pathology perspective on our website).

Kozyrev approach in this project combined and amplified by our new developments: short-term immersion in the patient space, free from the Earth's magnetic field, revealing the physiological reserves of the body, and the use of health-care information-intensive holograms (RF Patent № 2239860 from 10.11.2004). The new technology in the hologram can be entered, and then play back any analog information on the physical-chemical compounds and pharmacy drugs.

The efficiency of such holograms is repeatedly confirmed in tests on animals and humans. Based on mirror-holographic technology in our Institute was created unit "TRODR-1", which produces energyconcentrate "autotrophic water." This concentrate, when added to drinking water makes it helio-MAGNETO-heroprotected water that protects the body during periods of high solar and magnetic activity that can reduce the risk of severe, life-threatening complications for the millions of people suffering from hypertension and many other diseases helio-depended and slow down processes of aging. Let me repeat that ordinary drinking water by using a new technology may be one of the world's most effective helium-hero trades. End bench tests of another cutting-edge technology, promising for Preventive Medicine, making a new type of foamed glass, which is expected to produce in Krasnoyarsk. Its use in construction will make our home protected from the negative influence of magnetic storms. Positively changed lives of many people who have visited in the mirror - Kozyrev space are not out of curiosity, to discover their intellectual and psycho-physiological reserves. Over 20 years of research in this area voluntarily plunged about 300 people. Artists included in a classical realist, and came out "post - Post-Impressionists," musically gifted people, after visiting the mirror started to write new songs, many came to heuristic solutions to their professional goals, improve memory, gradually formed the cosmic world view, which could not affect the earthly existence. Some spiritual enlightenment was so great that they chose the path of spiritual service, became priests.

For each researcher conducted a careful medical observation and now we can assert that the subject which we have developed with all rules of safety has not any negative manifestations and consequences. "Mirrors", patented in Russia as a setting for the correction of biophysical fields and psychosomatic illnesses, a new era of human evolution. With the use of "Kozyrev Mirrors", a unique, having no analogues in the world, holographic technology, by which humanity can rise to a new stage of development. This technology allows living systems, including humans, directly absorb cosmic energy and convert it into energy of his life, while preserving the biological resources of the planet and contributing to solving the problem of power supply.

The new holographic technology can be used in various medical fields: gerontology, pharmacology, cosmetology - to create energy-information products that do not have contraindications that enhance cellular energy and tissue regeneration, in the food industry - for the enrichment of water, food and beverage analog information essential substances (amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc.) in agriculture - to grow and get hero-protected products without chemical additives and fertilizers, as well as the construction of environmentally friendly housing that protects the rights of the solar disturbances. Armed with this technology, mankind is able to go on a new path of evolution, reviewing its attitude to the uncontrolled destruction of the planet's biological resources for their own sustenance. It is important to understand that all people on earth - part of the planet and outer space, and so many of the most important and necessary for a person can be obtained by contacting the holographic universe.

All who wish to learn more about the events described in this article, we invite you to watch a movie, " Caution: mirrors! All seeing".

Much evidence-based information on this topic is available in our book: VP Treasurers, AV Trofimov, Essays on the nature of living substance and intellect on planet Earth. Problems cosmo planetary antropoekology.-Novosibirsk: Since, 2004.-312 with. Selected chapters from this book will be published on our website.

I want to invite humanity to drop the heavy baggage that holds us down and accept the possibility of raising our vibration, to retune our cosmic instruments that we are.  In the moment of achieving lightness, we lose our density and free ourselves of the physical limitations by becoming more open and transparent.  When the chemical structure in our physical body no longer needs to hold the feelings of violence and fear, we can harmonize to peace.  Each family, each community, each country, each continent, we rise above to see the whole planet, the entire solar system, the great galaxy, the infinite universe, we align to the harmonics of the energy field of perfection.

When we produce a non-harmonic wavelength, we create a closed shield around us that stops our ability to communicate with the messages of higher non-physical.  We hold the ability to clean up our junk, toxins, diseases, disharmony -- not just in our own bodies but the entire planet!  This is how we ecologically save the planet through ourselves.  Our team, our project, our definition, our mission, and our invitation to you is to join us on the playground of creation and find freedom to fly past the clouds into the vacuum where the torsion force spins.

Now we want to offer to the world this new medical device, which can be worn on the body like an MP3 player. Through the wired transducers, we transmit the full holographic sound spectrum of the refined human genetic code.  With a ceramic capacitor carrying the auditory transmission, the information reverberates deeper into the body's cells, thus affecting the RNA of the biocomputer through sympathetic sound resonance. 

With an external implant that works as a corrector, functioning as an auditory DNA harmonizer that corrects the biogenetic and morphogenetic structures.  It recalibrates to our more perfect blueprint from the morphogenic field, a process that starts our connection to the solar system and the fractal holographic system, calibrating the DNA and Torsion Wave Genetics to a clean structure.  

The laws of equality understands the micro equals macro, as above so below, the infinitely small is part of the infinitely large.  We are in charge of our own fractaling pathways, as we plug into the galactic wireless system, we have access to connect to our higher I AM.  Otherwise, we disconnect from source, get blocked by our own sense of limitation, and lose our cosmic connection.  We can nurture our super-human abilities, in the same way as watering our plants.  We receive the source of light with coherence with the pineal gland and heart.  Emotionally, we can call this light force love.  On an emotional level, this device functions as a love transmitter, a corrector, a connector, an eco-cleaner. 

Using Dr. Peter Gariaev's techniques of capturing the holographic imprint (the pure morphogenic code of an individual), then cleaning any distortion and retune ourselves to the reconditioned state, we realign to the complete version of self.  In a sense, we're doing an upgrade of the biocomputer, calibrating our connection to the biointernet.  This is a way of mastering our unlimited selves, which ultimately leads to peace on planet earth, tuning humanity to the love portal of peace.  This is a mission for us to carry on, verbalizing the ultimate balance of harmony and love.

I invite everybody to say "I have enough power to stand up for freedom!"  Know that you are truly free, that your freedom can not be poisoned by government, by family, by money -- YOU are in charge! You choose which glasses you wear.  If you decide to see perfection, to feel inside you beauty, to smell your success, to know your ancient self, to hear the higher vibrations, then you will tune your senses to perceive life as happiness and joy. Your web connection to the biointernet will be free, raising your bandwidth and opening your pipeline to the Universe-Wide Web.

Our body operates with tubes and complex webs, and so does the universe, found in what we might consider dark matter.  Most diseases in the body are caused by an internal tube getting clogged or cut.  When we clear up and repair the damaged tube, we can heal. These tubes exist on a nonphysical level as well.

Enter the Gravatorium, Waveatorium, Genetorium, Morphotarium, Labratorium, Quantatorium, Holotorium.. Exercise your spirit, stretch your possibilities, reach for your limitlessness.



Accessing your intuition, being in the zone, tuning into the calm loving field generated by the heart

Accessing the field of universal information, resonating with heart intelligence, and tapping into the Akashic Records

A morphogenic info-sphere that connects every soul on the planet to each other