I want to invite humanity to drop the heavy baggage that holds us down and accept the possibility of raising our vibration, to retune our cosmic instruments that we are.  In the moment of achieving lightness, we lose our density and free ourselves of the physical limitations by becoming more open and transparent.  When the chemical structure in our physical body no longer needs to hold the feelings of violence and fear, we can harmonize to peace.  Each family, each community, each country, each continent, we rise above to see the whole planet, the entire solar system, the great galaxy, the infinite universe, we align to the harmonics of the energy field of perfection.

When we produce a non-harmonic wavelength, we create a closed shield around us that stops our ability to communicate with the messages of higher non-physical.  We hold the ability to clean up our junk, toxins, diseases, disharmony -- not just in our own bodies but the entire planet!  This is how we ecologically save the planet through ourselves.  Our team, our project, our definition, our mission, and our invitation to you is to join us on the playground of creation and find freedom to fly past the clouds into the vacuum where the torsion force spins.

Now we want to offer to the world this new medical device, which can be worn on the body like an MP3 player. Through the wired transducers, we transmit the full holographic sound spectrum of the refined human genetic code.  With a ceramic capacitor carrying the auditory transmission, the information reverberates deeper into the body's cells, thus affecting the RNA of the biocomputer through sympathetic sound resonance. 

With an external implant that works as a corrector, functioning as an auditory DNA harmonizer that corrects the biogenetic and morphogenetic structures.  It recalibrates to our more perfect blueprint from the morphogenic field, a process that starts our connection to the solar system and the fractal holographic system, calibrating the DNA and Torsion Wave Genetics to a clean structure.  

The laws of equality understands the micro equals macro, as above so below, the infinitely small is part of the infinitely large.  We are in charge of our own fractaling pathways, as we plug into the galactic wireless system, we have access to connect to our higher I AM.  Otherwise, we disconnect from source, get blocked by our own sense of limitation, and lose our cosmic connection.  We can nurture our super-human abilities, in the same way as watering our plants.  We receive the source of light with coherence with the pineal gland and heart.  Emotionally, we can call this light force love.  On an emotional level, this device functions as a love transmitter, a corrector, a connector, an eco-cleaner. 

Using Dr. Peter Gariaev's techniques of capturing the holographic imprint (the pure morphogenic code of an individual), then cleaning any distortion and retune ourselves to the reconditioned state, we realign to the complete version of self.  In a sense, we're doing an upgrade of the biocomputer, calibrating our connection to the biointernet.  This is a way of mastering our unlimited selves, which ultimately leads to peace on planet earth, tuning humanity to the love portal of peace.  This is a mission for us to carry on, verbalizing the ultimate balance of harmony and love.

I invite everybody to say "I have enough power to stand up for freedom!"  Know that you are truly free, that your freedom can not be poisoned by government, by family, by money -- YOU are in charge! You choose which glasses you wear.  If you decide to see perfection, to feel inside you beauty, to smell your success, to know your ancient self, to hear the higher vibrations, then you will tune your senses to perceive life as happiness and joy. Your web connection to the biointernet will be free, raising your bandwidth and opening your pipeline to the Universe-Wide Web.

Our body operates with tubes and complex webs, and so does the universe, found in what we might consider dark matter.  Most diseases in the body are caused by an internal tube getting clogged or cut.  When we clear up and repair the damaged tube, we can heal. These tubes exist on a nonphysical level as well.

Enter the Gravatorium, Waveatorium, Genetorium, Morphotarium, Labratorium, Quantatorium, Holotorium.. Exercise your spirit, stretch your possibilities, reach for your limitlessness.