Torsion Genetics, Wave Genetics, Galactic DNA

As you begin to understand DNA on a higher level, you'll find it doesn't just exist as protein strands and physical instructions, but also on a quantum energy level.  With experiments like the Phantom DNA effect, we see proof that there is an energy residual from our genetic blueprint, that our DNA is also on a level of light and sound.

With new discoveries from Dr. Peter Gariaev (, we have the capability to translate your genetic map as a wave-form, an auditory version of our Wave DNA imprint encoded as a static sounding holographic code.  With this technology, we are able to capture your near perfect blueprint of yourself as a child, before any mutations and genetic corruptions imposed by the world.  We've been able to realign individuals to their personal perfection, and restore the damaged genes to its original state of harmonic alignment.


With his research, he's been able to reverse the damage from many different birth disorders, such as Down's Syndrome, Autism, and even blindness.  These results are not to be taken lightly by the medical profession as a viable solution to many issues that western medicine has no magic pill to solve.

The more we study the groundbreaking works of Gariaev's Linguistic Wave Genetics, we realize the technique can be used effectively to treat many abnormalities caused by DNA corruption.  To understand some of the science behind reading and writing the Biocomputer data in wave form, you may read this paper on the DNA-wave relationship. We'll explore further the laboratory studies and unique discoveries brought by this line of thinking.