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432Hz vs 440Hz Cymatics in Water

The universe has a resonant frequency which vibrates with the morphogenic energy field of life.  Nikola Tesla knew all about it, and the principle behind his Free Energy devices use this frequency to tap into the endless energy the universe can provide.  In his words, the universe is "composed of a symphony of alternating currents with the harmonies played on a vast range of octaves".  Each of our planets have it's own frequencies as well, singing to us from their position in the heavens, affecting different factors here on earth as a result of the planetary symphony.  When we are out of tune with the vibrations around us, we become disharmonious in our lives.  Sound holds the power to heal and create or to promote disease and disharmony.

Among the conspiracy to keep us out of tune is the standard music tuning set in 1954, making our instruments tuned to A = 440 Hz, which is said to cause more aggression and fear in the listeners.  Full information can be found here: or many other sites on the internet that explain how to retune the sound to the harmonics of nature, where A = 432 Hz.  This is what the classic instruments, like the Stradivarius Violin and the highest quality instruments used by the greatest composers were tuned to.  You may take existing MP3s that you have in your collection and change the tuning yourself using Audacity or Adobe Audition, or try out an MP3 player that automatically changes the concert pitch for you.  Another commercially available program I found that allows you to change your MP3s in bulk is Return To 432 which does an amazing job.  Play with these techniques yourself and hear the subtle difference for yourself, let us know how you feel after listening to music the way it was mathematically intended to be heard.